Third film in the franchise.

First watchEdit

This was the first Alien film I watched. I was at Fiona's house, I think while visiting Canterbury after moving up north, and as I recall Sarah, Fiona and I watched it in a room in her (rather large) house with a snooker table.

I probably didn't every watch it properly again until 2014, although it's possible I did.

Second watch (26th December 2014)Edit


With Luke, from his relatively new Bluray collection of the quadrilogy. The special edition.


Luke had watched the first couple that year, and I was over for Christmas 2014 so we watched this one.

Over the last couple of years I'd heard that the first two films are basically equally loved, the first being a great suspense/horror and and the second a great action movie, but the third was widely disliked. So I wasn't sure what to expect this time around. Obviously the first time I saw it I loved it, but I was like 14 and hadn't seen any of the others before.

I thought it was really good! Darren said he thought it was good despite the prevailing opinion, and I agree. It was different from the first two, but still a really strong film I thought.