Animal Farm


George Orwell


Social criticism, fantasy

Own and read.


87 standard pages long[1].

First read (June 2011)Edit

11 06 10 Animal Farm

Finished - June 10th '11


My paperback version, 95 pages long.


Got it for Christmas 2010, from Mark, along with 1984.

Read a few pages at granddad's house, in 2011 I think, but started again with my copy and read the first half on the way home from a school placement on the 8th of June 2011.

Finished it on the 10th. It was very good, I did like the way the different animals reacted to events and how they kind of represented different groups of people in society. I was confused half way through as to why there was a surge of animals admitting to over the top crimes knowing they'd be slaughtered, and thought it would be explained but it wasn't.

Update 18/06/11: Having read 1984, I think I understand the confessions now...

Rating and awardsEdit


Number 46 on the BBC's Big Read.

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Previous book: Ben Goldacre, Bad Science

Next book: George Orwell, 1984

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  1. This online version is 167879 characters, according to Notepad++.