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Greg Bear


Science fiction

Own and read. 272 pages.

First read (June 2011)[]

Day after finishing - June 24th '11


Heard it was something about the Singularity or A.I. of some sort, I think. Not sure when I decided to read it, but decided to I did. Got from Ed for my 23rd birthday (arrived direct from Amazon Sep 28th). Spotted on 30th November 2010 that it's recommended by QualiaSoup.

Started read on 20th June 2011 after finishing 1984. It was weird to start with, I thought it was totally stupid in that supposedly these bacteria can think although it isn't clear how each individual one can cognitise independently, seemed more like a joint effort between them like the chinese room thing, but more importantly it seemed to me that the intelligence would be completely bereft of any means to influence anything. Bacteria really can't do much, can they? Exactly what senses and motor capabilities do they have? The cover of my version is completely ugly, too, by the way, I don't know who the hell is responsible for it (LOL! I just looked for the culprit in the book and found the name Chris Moore. Turns out he was born in Rotherham! And also went to school in Mexborough where I've just been on placement. His website is full of his shit pictures).

Finished it on the 23rd of June. It was really good! Thoroughly good sci-fi, exploring an interesting concept. It sort of petered out at the end and left too much ambiguous - like, what happened? Isn't the point of a novel to tell you about stuff, not to not tell you? But the irritating "mystery" parts of it aside, it was super.



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Previous book: George Orwell, 1984

Next book: Neal Stephenson, Snow Crash

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Given 5/5 by Emma on GoodReads