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Finished - Feb 20th '10.


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A book I've read by Greg Bear, first of the trilogy The Way. 449 pages long.

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Received on Christmas 2009, from Edwin, along with its sequel Eternity. Edwin had mentioned it several times since it came up during a philosophical discussion of some sort, he'd said it was his favourite book and hinted that I should read it. I started reading it on January 30th after finishing The God Delusion which I got on the same Christmas, and finished February 20th.

I had been quite looking forward to it, thinking from what Ed had said that it'd bring up issues I'd been thinking about like the implications of very long, or even unending, life spans at least. In that respect I was left unsatisfied, many possible future trends were manifest but never questioned. It was an interesting book, though, with a good story and characters and I'm interested in reading the rest of the series.

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Next book: Christopher Hitchens, God is Not Great