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Fallout game coming out between Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 (as yet unreleased). Developed by the team from games before Fallout 3 and somewhat more mature and, apparently, true-to-the-franchise than Bethesda's game.

First play (2011/12)[]


I heard a lot of good things about it on Reddit, quite frequently, and I really enjoyed Fallout 3 but still the time to play this didn't come around for a while. I bought it in a Steam sale I think, and played it a little in 2011/12. I never really got into it, for whatever reason (quite busy, failed to play Deus Ex: Human Revolution all the way through too), and on May 18th 2012 closed it and uninstalled it, deciding not to bother any more. Definitely not as good as Fallout 3 for me, the desert setting did nothing for me and I might have been afflicted with a bit of ennui about the genre. Every time I spoke to someone and some quest was thrown under my feet I just sighed and rolled my eyes rather than wanting to get into it. Also some crazy guy in Novac (No-Bark) had some pretty ridiculous dialogue which presumably was supposed to be amusing but I realised I was just cynical about it - you never get a crazy person without some secret truth to their theories or whatever.

Anyway, I reckon I just didn't like the desert setting like I liked Fallout 3's, or perhaps it was the freshness of the post-apocalyptic setting for me when I played it, and I couldn't put up with the niggling annoyances.