Nightfall and other Stories


Isaac Asimov


Science fiction

Collection of short stories by Asimov. Available online, apparently. Published in 1970.


Each short story is also preceded by a decent-sized introduction by Asimov.

First readEdit


Panther Science Fiction 1971 two-part edition (Nightfall One and Two), bought for me by Ed (they came in some sort of clear wrapping if I recall correctly).


Nightfall OneEdit

Wasn't as inspired as by his robot short stories, but I gave it 4/5 (translated to a 2 in the current system, see below) on my Facebook Visual Bookshelf app.

Rating: 2

Nightfall TwoEdit

Only gave it 3/5 on my Facebook Visual Bookshelf app, I seem to recall being a bit bored of it by the end. My review at the time was short and sweet:

"Not as good as Nightfall One, but how bad can Asimov get?"

Rating: 1

Rating and awardsEdit