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The Silence of the Lambs

Own and read. First of the Hannibal series by author Thomas Harris (although Hannibal himself is a side character). 421 pages, I think.

Second read (August 2010)[]


I've read it twice now, the first time must have been in 2007, it was before The Silence of the Lambs but not long before. I'm surprised it wasn't in the same year, but it doesn't appear on the list of read books, so I'm not sure.

As for the second time, I read it from about August 2nd 2010 to the 8th. After finishing Watership Down I was intending to read at least one more book before my birthday that'd been in my collection for a while. I took Sense and Sensibility with me to Lincoln where I was staying at my brother's for three days, but I didn't read any of it. Then I was busy with my nan's funeral and didn't need a book for work anyway until the next weekend.

So I stayed up late on the Thursday to get in the sleep rhythm for working nights, and watched The Silence of the Lambs on a whim. It was my mother's birthday weekend so Matthew was visiting, and we tidied out the extension which meant sorting out my bookshelf. At the time I noticed a book Matthew had lent me a long time ago by Philip K. Dick (Three Early Novels) which he'd said I should read, so I took that with me to work, but since I was working overnight and got breaks to myself I spent them on the computer instead of reading. Then after the weekend while looking after Ben and Luke I got Red Dragon from the bookshelf and started reading it again tentatively. I wanted to read The Silence of the Lambs in particular, but I got into it and surprised myself by finishing it off in a week.

Definitely an interesting book, I do like the Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter tension, but the book is a bit depressing at length. Not as good as The Silence of the Lambs anyway, I don't think, although I'm reading that again next so I'll see!

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