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1998 original scifi anime.

First watch (June-October 2013)[]


At home, Japanese with subtitles.


I first lined it up probably over a year before I actually started watching it, although I think I watched maybe the first episode at the time. I started properly watching it from the start in June 2013. I'd just watched Hikaru no Go and was sort of itching to watch more good anime.

2 episodes in I was thinking it was really weird, the mood very dreamy and queer.

As I progressed I found it hard to get engrossed, each episode was very slow and didn't compel you to watch the next. But as it passed the halfway mark it gradually grew in interest.

Watched the last three episodes together on the 3rd of October, while staying up in preparation for an overnight shift at McD's. Overall it was very interesting and I do like the style, and I think if I'd watched it about 10 years ago I'd have been much more enthralled, but as it is it was just not quite up to par for what I look for these days. I liked the presentation of the ideas, and I'm certainly glad it exists because it will have communicated those ideas to new people.



Ratings, awards, mentions and recommendations[]

From the List of Worthwhile Anime: '"The hacker anime." This dark series is rife with philosophical questions, psychological depth, symbolism, conspiracy theories, and a fair amount of subtle hacker trivia.'

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