Some Mistakes of Moses


Robert Ingersoll


Religious criticism

Own and read. Very old book written in America criticising Christianity, both in principle and in fact. 270 pages.

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Finished - November 25th '10.


One of a few books mentioned by Evid3nc3 on YouTube, this one from 2.3 Deconversion: Other Christians (Part 2) (1:01).

Bought it in mid-September 2010. Started reading it in (mid?) November, while reading Guns, Germs, and Steel, and after finishing Let the Right One In. Early on I found it remarkable in that it's like 130 years old and could have been written today and been considered an unoriginal mimic of the so-called "New Atheists". I did, however, have some disagreements with it, some serious ones. The man's an irrevocable prude with some dogmatic sensibilities that no longer sound enlightened, with regards to polygamy for example, and also uses some erroneous arguments in my opinion. But the book is generally quite spot on and presents some strong and very nicely worded points.

Finished it on Nov 25th. It was good in many ways, very poetic and brutally to the point some times, but it did display some very strongly held opinions that are not justified, in my eyes. Marriage being the pillar of civilisation is a very familiar modern day Christian anti-homosexuality argument and I consider it unenlightened.

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