The God Delusion
10 01 29 The God Delusion - webcam shot
Finished for the second time - Jan 29th '10.


Richard Dawkins

Own and read twice. 420 pages long.

First read (2007/8)Edit


First read when it was lying around our house because Mum was reading it. This was apparently 2007/8, she'd borrowed it from a friend at work. I picked it up out of perverse interest in what this bloke I'd heard people whinging about, Richard Dawkins, who was apparently an atheist and sounded like the typical fundamentalist moron I figured every atheist had to be, had to say on the matter of God. I devoured the thing and all the fog and mist of my thoughts about Christianity and religion was blasted away. I kept an ear out for Richard Dawkins when he appeared on TV and watched one or two documentaries he made, loved them, and later on started looking out for as much as I could find that he'd done, watching interviews on YouTube and so on and so forth, and talking about him a bit too much, inciting my little sister to coin the term "Dawk" to describe me.



Second read (December 2009 - January 2010)Edit


Got the book in paperback for Christmas 2009 (from Darren and Sandra) and reread it for the first time, finishing on January 29th. It was the first book I'd read criticising religion and Christianity, but by the time I came to reread it I had sought out everything I could on the subject - so I found certain passages I disagreed with but the meat of it remains spot on, it's a super book.



Reading RecordEdit

Previous book: Derren Brown, Tricks of the Mind

Next book: Greg Bear, Eon


Top Pick!

Claim to fame - converted me from agnosticism to atheism