The Ice People


Maggie Gee


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Own and have attempted to read once. ~250 pages.

First attempt (March 2011)Edit

11 03 14 The Ice People

Two days later - Mar 14th '11


Can't remember exactly where it was I heard about this, but I added it to the list I started keeping of books I wanted to read, along with Radical Evolution, Your Inner Fish and, I think, The World Without Us. I've subsequently seen it recommended in this review by Eric Mahleb. It sounded like a great one and I was really looking forward to reading it.

I bought it from Amazon in mid-September 2010 and got around to starting reading it in early March 2011. I thought it started pretty badly, with really bad writing, boring stupid characters and a cringe-worthy way of talking about sex right at the beginning. Do I really need to know about every time they "made love"? Perhaps it's just supposed to be teenage fiction but after getting to page 49 I just gave up. I was too embarrassed by how badly written it was to carry on.

That's not to say the subject itself was interesting either. It starts with these stupid quotes about how we're due an ice age and that's what the setting is. The stupid awful slang she invented for her fictional ~2030 people ("termed", "segging", "beek") and her naff "dystopian" setting was so boring. What was with all the words smooshed into one without hyphens? "Halfdark", "blackandwhite", "eightothree", "halfanhour"? It goes on. The whole thing read like something I'd expect of the story Joe Peach wrote in secondary school.



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