The Magician's Apprentice


Trudi Canavan


High fantasy



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The Black Magician Trilogy

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The Traitor Spy Trilogy

Own and have attempted to read once. Standalone prequel novel to The Black Magician Trilogy. Published in 2009.

First attempt (July 21st - August 4th, 2012)Edit

12 08 04 The Magician's Apprentice

Giving up, August 4th 2012.

12 08 04 The Magician's Apprentice

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Paperback Orbit 2011 edition. 694 pages, 44 blanks. 33 lines per page, 1079650 characters total[1], implying a standard page count of 561.


Bought it at Waterstones on May 9th, along with Dragonflight, The Player of Games, and A Game of Thrones, as I was about to finish Consider Phlebas and wanted to move right on to something, and these leapt out at me from the shelves.

Started reading it on the way to York on July the 21st, after finishing What Do You Care What Other People Think?. Straight away I was not glad to be back in Canavan's writing style, it's so incredibly unsophisticated. There's no subtlety, it's like reading a teenager's attempt at a 700 page book.

On August the 4th I was reading it on the way to work and decided not to bother. I reached page 162.



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Previous book: Richard Feynman, What Do You Care What Other People Think?

Simultaneous books: LordsFire, Brutal Harry

Next book: 'Vixit', A Study in Magic

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