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2007 fantasy book by Patrick Rothfuss. First in the Kingkiller Chronicles.

First attempt (April 2019)[]

In the beginning of 2019 Shane read it and loved it, and told me to read it.

I found the beginning annoying because it spent 7 chapters getting me interested in this (not-so-subtly) cool undercover innkeeper, but then the actual story is a tale of his epic childhood. I took a break to read Children of Time.

Returning to this one, I got halfway through before giving up. So bored. Found it tiresome, annoying and obnoxious. The main character is too powerful. The format of him telling his story after having already become an epic legend undercut any possible dramatic tension, although the author went to the extra effort of making the younger version insufferably competent anyway.

I gave up after he joined Hogwarts and the Master Namer gave him that inscrutable "test" which supposedly revealed his stupidity, but didn't really.

Shane says he found the world-building great and thought it was really well-written and descriptive, and that I just get too annoyed with these boring characters. I think there's some truth in that, but I don't think it was that well-written, and it was lacking something that kept me interested.




Recommended at r/HPMOR.

Shane really enjoyed it.