Watership Down


Richard Adams





Own and read. Got it for my 21st birthday from Ken and Elaine. One of Mark's favourite books I believe. 478 pages, I think.

First read (July 2010)Edit

10 07 23 Watership Down - webcam shot

Finished - Jul 23th '10.


1973 paperback Puffin edition apparently, new when I got it. 464 pages, 38 lines per page, 15 blank pages. 867019 characters in total[1], putting it at 450 'standard' pages.


Started reading on July 10th 2010, after having finished Peter F. Hamilton's Commonwealth Saga. I was rushing to work and grabbed it to read on my break. I'd decided anyway that I should try to read books I've already got before my birthday in September, so if I get any new ones it won't just keep adding to the pile I already own endlessly.

Finished on July 23rd 2010. It was good, mum found it difficult to understand how you could sit and read a book about rabbits, but the world was immersive and I enjoyed the story.



Reading RecordEdit

Previous book: Peter F. Hamilton, The Commonwealth Saga

Next book: Thomas Harris, Red Dragon

Ratings, awards, mentions and recommendationsEdit

Number 42 on the BBC's Big Read.

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  1. Based on 1931 characters on page 109 according to Notepad++.